My dream bedroom

My dream bedroom

Bloom electric light
$81 –

Lenox drinkware

Metal home decor

Shabby Chic white furniture
$670 –

White furniture
$475 –

Zara furniture
$135 –

Kamara Leather Ivory Ballet Slippers

Make Your Own Festival Flower Crown with This Easy DIY

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Flowercrown-DIY-800xVH(1) BTS-March_DIY_Flwr16 Claim your reign as ‘queen of festival season’ by topping your head with a crown of fresh flowers . For our latest stylebook, Boho Rhapsody , we created this abundant bouquet to top off model Jessie’s pretty powder pink hair, and today we’re sharing the simple steps you can take to create a crown of your own. Great for gals with both long and short hair, we think there’s no better way to celebrate spring and kick of your music festival calendar than with this wearable wreath of fresh wildflowers.

BTS-March_DIY_Flwr1Festival Flower Crown

Fresh flowers & greenery
Florist’s wire
Florist’s tape

Step 1:
Using the shears, trim the stems of your flowers to just a few inches long. To determine the amount of wire you’ll need, carefully wrap the wire around your head, being sure to overlap slightly. Once you know the length, cut the wire with…

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3 Amazingly Fun DIYs You Can Do with This Bag O’ Cats

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Clear your weekend calendar and take the phone off the hook (meaning put your cell phone on silent), if you’ve been wondering what your next project is going to be, I’ve got you covered. While the allure of the Cat Do It Alone Mini Figurine Setis clearly obvious, I thought I’d offer up some suggestions for what to do with this bag of feline awesomeness, you know, besides cover every available surface with them. So grab some super glue and spray paint, these three DIYs are all you need to ensure you’ll have the best weekend ever.

dividers-triangles-teal-0120140321-CatDIY-046Cat Candle Holder

1 plastic cat
Drill fitted with 1/8″ bit
White acrylic paint
Birthday candles
Cake or cupcake
A reason to celebrate

To make this purr-fect candle holder, simply drill out a small hole in the center top of your figurine. Using a sponge brush, cover the cat with a…

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3 DIY Ways to Rock Your All-Time Favorite Toupee

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toupee-800xVH-02-a01 toupee-800xVH-01 Toupee-019

Here at Story by ModCloth, we’re always pushing the envelope when it comes to cutting-edge DIY ideas, stand-out hairstyles, and unique fashion tips; it’s our forte, you could say. Our bread and butter, if you will.

And contrary to what you may think, we don’t just sit around and wait for people to deliver these ideas to us on a mid-century silver platter — we’re constantly on the hunt for the next big transformative project. So when we came across these hairpieces at the thrift store — alluringly named “The Melanie,” according to their tags – we knew what we had to do: DIY.

Today, we’ll show you three ways to turn a wilted thrift store toupee into fashion week-worthy fabulousness. What better material to work with than used human hair, right? Not only does it add terrific texture to any ensemble, but the subtle highlights in said…

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