Oh how lovely it is to have fringe

Ivory Lace Canvas

Last week my little sister asked me to make her a fringe tank top. We were shopping and she found some, but none she really liked enough to spend that much money on them. So the next day she put a plain black t-shirt on my bed.


What you’ll need: t-shirt, scissors, a measuring tape, and some pins.


First you’ll want to make it into a tank top- so I made a cut about 1 1/2 inches from the neck line on both sides.


Then I measured the length of the neckline and found the mid-point and made a cut there.



Then you basically cut from the shoulder snips to the middle of the neckline.


Next is the sleeves- make a cut (depending on the thickness you want for straps) & cut just below the armpit of the shirt. Do this on both sides (to make sure they’re the same…

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