Baked Eggs, Bogan Style

Sound’s extremely yummy, like making my tummy growl hungry…Maybe I need some dinner….

Ms Crotchety


I’m not really a breakfast person. Cereal is the last thing I’d ever eat, and, on the down-low, I don’t even like bacon. I know it’s weird, and I love every other porcine product – prosciutto, jamon, pancetta, speck, smoked Polish sausages, ham…all of it except bacon.

I do love eggs, though, and a runny yolk can make my heart skip a beat (conversely, being served a hard-yolked poached egg is the most disappointing thing in the world). I made these for my brunch this morning. I was going to make them with taleggio and preserved lemon (a la Pigeonhole Cafe), but the grocer didn’t have any taleggio so I thought I’d wing it with the contents of my cupboards.

I put a few spoonfuls of Wattie’s baked beans in the bottom of my cocotte dish, cracked in 2 (organic free range) googs, and sprinkled a little cheddar around the edges.

These were baked…

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