The Incredibles 2

The Incredibles 2 picks up with The Parr Family right where we left with them at the end of The Incredibles. The storyline was consistent with the first, and the characters stayed true to the original. I liked the plot, but the stakes weren’t as high as the first. The score felt a little off at times. I felt it had too much percussion and felt a little spy-ish. The scoring for the original felt perfect, and fit the movie and the setting just right. This movie made me laugh, pulled at my heartstrings, and even scared me a little. In a scene when Elastigirl goes to confront the villain Screenslaver, I was torn between covering my eyes and watching the movie. This time around, I connected with the Incredibles in a different way. When the original movie came out, it fit my family perfectly. We were a family of five, with kids the same age, and were going through some of the same family struggles at the time, so we related to The Parrs heavily. Now, 14 years later, I’m a mother to a just turned 1 year old, and I related with the characters in a different way. My daughter is definitely a Jack Jack, and I related to Bob’s struggle as the homemaker. I used to “be” Violet, and now I look at her story with nostalgia, knowing that now I “am” Helen. The original was definitely better, but this is a must see.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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